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Why Businesses Should Use Complimentary Hotel Stay Promotions

Why Businesses Should Use Complimentary Hotel Stay Promotions

There are currently 29 destinations you can choose from in the United States.

Destination availability might change depending on time of year.

In alphabetical order by location and State:-


 Customer Loyalty


 Complimentary hotel stay promotions are a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance customer loyalty, attract new customers, and improve brand awareness.

Given the ability to offer 3 to 7 night hotel stays in a selection of over 5000 hotels and resorts in 85 countries worldwide, businesses have the opportunity to provide their customers with a truly exceptional, and memorable vacation experience.

With a minimum Trip Advisor rating of 4.5*, these hotels and resorts offer the best in comfort and luxury, ensuring that customers leave with a lasting impression of the business and its commitment to providing quality products and services.

This is a major benefit of using complimentary hotel stay promotions to help businesses achieve their marketing goals.

    Cost Effectiveness

    One of the biggest benefits of using complimentary hotel stay promotions as a marketing tool is their cost-effectiveness.

    Compared to traditional forms of advertising such as social media, Google, radio, print or TV ads, complimentary hotel stay promotions allow businesses to directly reach a wider audience at a lower cost per person.

    By offering these promotions as a reward for loyalty or as a prize for a competition, businesses are able to incentivize their customers, and staff to engage with their brand and share their experiences with friends and family.

    This word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective and can result in a significant increase in brand awareness, customer acquisition and staff loyalty.

    To discover how your business can offer cost effective complimentary vacation packages to:-

    Your existing customers,

    Boost your revenue,

    Encourage new customers

    And even reward your staff

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